Offshore Wind Energy Network

We were member of the EU-network "Concerted Action of Offshore Wind Energy in Europe (OWEE)".

The objective of the concerted action was to bring together existing knowledge about offshore wind on a European level, in order to deliver a thorough, well informed and concise assessment of the current state-of-the-art.

The exchange, evaluation and upgrading of existing knowledge within the Concerted Action resulted in state-of-the-art reviews and RTD recommendations, and was disseminated through websites, workshops, reports and publications.

We acted as task leaders regarding the subjects "Social Acceptance, Environmental Impacts and Politics".

The themes to be examined here were as follows:
  • The reaction to large offshore wind farms from the press, the public and the politicians
  • The organization of the offshore wind farms and the role of the public involvement
  • The impact on the natural environment
  • The visual effect and public acceptance
  • The effect on maritime and air traffic
  • Conflicts of interests, resulting from these issues
  • Required political incentives to support large scale utilization of offshore wind energy in the EU

Our contribution to the final report can be downloaded as pdf file, and you may also choose to download the appendix containing responses to the questionnaires from all participating countries.

Reports from other OWEE members can be downloaded from the OWEE homepage.

The project was concluded in December 2001, and the results were presented at the EWEA offshore wind energy conference in Brussels, 10-12 December.
The final report containing results from all work packages can be downloaded as pdf file - size: 3 MB!

For further information, please visit the OWEE homepage, read the press release or contact SPOK.

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