SPOK has comprehensive experience and references within evaluation assignments, such as:

  • Several evaluation assignments for the European Commission, e.g. we have been involved in the evaluation of renewable energy applications for the Joule and ENERGIE research programmes on several occasions.
  • 5. yearly evaluation of the Joule and THERMIE program, covering projects for more than 2 billion Euro, which was completed for the European Commission in 1996.
  • Several evaluation assignments for Danish authorities and organisations. The most recent assignments have been
  • a survey of R&D research groups working on energy efficiency within industrial processes in Denmark, performed in 1997 for the Danish Energy Agency,
  • and
  • an evaluation of the program: Process and Product Development within the Building Industry, covering projects for 5.4 mill. Euro.
  • evaluation of the national R&D biomass programme.

For further details, please see our references and reports.

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