The manager chairing a wave energy conference
SPOK Consult and H.C. Sørensen have vast experiences from various management assignments.

SPOK Consult can primarily be of assistance within two different management capabilities: project coordination and fundraising & strategy.

  • SPOK Consult is project coordinator of the continuing development of the offshore wave energy converter Wave Dragon. The current 4.3 MEUR project is supported by the Danish Energy Authority, the European Commission and Elkraft System's PSO funding.
  • Within wind energy project coordination, H.C.Sørensen acted as coordinator for the foundation contract for the world's largest publicly owned offshore wind power farm, Middelgrunden, outside Copenhagen.
  • SPOK worked as consultant within strategy for the establishment of the 23MW offshore wind farm south of Samsø, Denmark.
  • H.C. Sørensen was project coordinator for the EU Joule Craft project "Low-Pressure Turbines and Control Equipment for Wave Energy Converters ("Wave Dragon"), with a total budget of 1 mill. Euro.
  • Within fundraising & strategy, SPOK assisted small and medium sized enterprises in formulating EU applications within energy, concrete and refined chemistry.
  • H.C. Sørensen has been acting as secretary for the Middelgrunden Windpower cooperation, from initial conception to project completion, and has in this role assisted in project management, fundraising, and project coordination, in close cooperation with the wind power cooperative and the secretariat at the Environment and Energy Office of Copenhagen.
  • H.C. Sørensen has been working for the Danish Agency of Trade and Industry, assisting in starting new businesses, and had more than 150 clients in the period 1997-1998.
  • H.C. Sørensen was actively involved in the establishment of the Lynetten Wind Farm (4.2MW) situated at the Copenhagen Harbour.
  • H.C. Sørensen assisted in the making of the strategy plan for Risø National Laboratory, Dept. of Combustion, 1995.

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